Message List

The messages in the table below are available on CD. Message CDs can be ordered at the Church foyer desk at a cost of $5. The last three months of messages will be listed in the table so if you liked a message order it quick before it disappears. Alternatively download it from the MP3 page.

14/12/14 The Lord Has Need Of Them Ray Walton
07/12/14 Called to Carry Mike Baumgartner
30/11/14 The Treasure Hunt Cont Jon Cathie
23/11/14 The Treasure Hunt Jon Cathie
16/11/14 Who Do You Say I Am Mike Baumgartner
09/11/14 Pursue To Obtain - Get Your Set On Mark McGugan
02/11/14 Maltesers And A Warm Fire Jon Cathie
26/10/14 Cross Culture is a Culture of the Cross Brett Wiltshire
19/10/14 From Fair Havens to Phoenix Jon Cathie
12/10/14 Making Sense of the Seasons Jon Cathie
05/10/14 Pursuing Through The Hard Times Murray Walton
28/09/14 The Father revealed through the miracles of Jesus Jon Cathie
21/09/14 The Father revealed through Jesus Christ Jon Cathie
14/09/14 The Fathers Silence Jon Cathie
07/09/14 Fathers Day Message Jon Cathie
31/08/14 Brave Michael Murphy
31/08/14 Something In The Water Michael Murphy
24/08/14 Tools For Devotion - Prayer Jon Cathie
17/08/14 The Church as God's Bride and Lover Mark McGugan
10/08/14 Giving Jon Cathie
03/08/14 Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Mike Baumgartner
27/07/14 The Connected Church Pt2
Jon Cathie
20/07/14 The Connected Church Pt1
Jon Cathie
13/07/14 Avoid the Failure to Thrive Syndrome Ray Walton
06/07/14 Pursue Through Connecting Allan Davis
29/06/14 The Simple Formula for Reaching Our World Jon Cathie
22/06/14 The Greatest Mystery Mark McGugan
15/06/14 Finding Your God Shape Pt2
Jon Cathie
08/06/14 My Best Friend the Holy Spirit Scott Hanzy
07/06/14 Baptism of the Holy Spirit Scott Hanzy
01/06/14 Finding Your God Shape Jon Cathie
26/05/14pm Leadership and Teamwork Danny Guglielmucci
25/05/14pm Living in the Seven Ts Danny Guglielmucci
25/05/14am Christianity Being Clarified Danny Guglielmucci
18/05/14 There is a Battle Between Reasoning and Faith Ray Walton
11/05/14 Mothers Day 2014 Mona, Gloria, and Anita
27/04/14 The Real Jesus Jon Cathie
20/04/14 What About The Stone? Jon Cathie
18/04/14 Broken But Not Defeated Ray Walton
13/04/14 Pursue Through Knowing Jesus Mark McGugan
06/04/14 Pursuing Through Knowing Jesus Jon Cathie
30/03/14 The Wonder of Worshipping God Murray Walton
23/03/14 Choose to Worship Jon Cathie
16/03/14 Visible Signs of God's Presence Ray Walton
09/03/14 He Came Down to Bring Us Up Mike Baumgartner
02/03/14 The Lost Art of Contemplation Jon Cathie
23/02/14 Serving Through Pursuing Jon Cathie
16/02/14 Department Sunday 2014 Mark McGugan et al
09/02/14 Vision Sunday 2014 - Pursue Jon Cathie
02/02/14 Seeds and Kryptonite Mike Baumgartner
26/01/14 Rivers of Living Water Murray Walton
19/01/14 Consecration Sunday Jon Cathie
12/01/14 The Dynapack Within Ray Walton
05/01/14 Finishing Well and Starting Swell Pt2 Jon Cathie
29/12/13 Finishing Well and Starting Swell Pt1 Jon Cathie
22/12/13 The Love of the Father Jon Cathie
15/12/13 Who's Cheering You On Pt2 Jon Cathie
08/12/13 Who's Cheering You On Pt1
Jon Cathie
01/12/13 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Mike Baumgartner
24/11/13 iConnect With My Purpose Mark McGugan
17/11/13 Connecting As A Parent Pt2 Jon Cathie
10/11/13 Connecting As A Parent Pt1
Jon Cathie
03/11/13 Sharing Your Faith Jon Cathie
27/10/13 Just Say Yes To God Matt McGaw
20/10/13 Connecting With Our Community
Jon Cathie
13/10/13 Connecting in Relationships Jon Cathie
29/09/13 When People and Power Collide Mike Baumgartner
22/09/13 iConnect With God Mark McGugan
16/09/13 The Timeline of Destiny Ian Zerna
15/09/13 pm The Expectation Gap Ian Zerna
15/09/13 am Encounter the House of God Ian Zerna
08/09/13 They Continued Daily Jon Cathie
01/09/13 For Our Fathers Fathers Day Shehan, Andrew and Bob Hartley
25/08/13 Celebrate the Nations Brett Wiltshire and Jon Cathie
18/08/13 Having All Things In Common Jon Cathie
11/08/13 The Kind of Giver I Want To Be Jon Cathie
04/08/13 A Miracle Life Through a Spirit of Generosity Ray Walton
28/07/13 The Key to Abundant Living Jon Cathie
21/07/13 An Unlimited God Mike Baumgartner
14/07/13 The Time Between the Vision and the End Mark McGugan
07/07/13 Signs of the Spirit Pt5 Jon Cathie
30/06/13 Back to The Basics Jon Cathie
23/06/13 Signs of the Spirit Pt4 Jon Cathie
16/06/13pm Losing Your Lament Tony Rainbow
16/06/13am Having a Theology of Process Tony Rainbow


Signs of the Spirit Pt3 Jon Cathie
02/06/13 Personal Reflections Allan Davis
26/05/13 Signs of the Spirit Pt2 Jon Cathie
19/05/13 Signs of the Spirit Pt1 Jon Cathie
12/05/13 Mothers Day 2013 Five CECC Ladies
28/04/13 Live in Balance Ray Walton
21/04/13 Enjoy Life Between The Stars And The Sand Jon Cathie
14/04/13 The Isaiah 58 Church Pt4 Jon Cathie
07/04/13 God is Able Murray Walton
31/03/13 The Heartbeat of Jesus Pt2 Jon Cathie
29/03/13 The Heartbeat of Jesus Pt1 Jon Cathie
24/03/13 The Isaiah 58 Church Pt3 Jon Cathie
17/03/13 The Power of Community Mark McGugan
10/03/13 Positioning For An Encounter Mike Baumgartner
03/03/13 The Isaiah 58 Church Pt2 Jon Cathie
24/02/13 The Isaiah 58 Church Pt1 Jon Cathie
17/02/13 Getting Involved Mark McGugan
10/02/13 Vision 2013 - Reach Out Jon Cathie
03/02/13 Deliverance Jon Cathie
27/01/13 The Power of Testimony Pt2
Jon Cathie
20/01/13 The Power of Thanksgiving Jon Cathie
13/01/13 The Power of Testimony Jon Cathie
06/01/13 Practising on Predators Mike Baumgartner