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We believe in Holy Living

We Believe in Holy Living

Pastor Jon recently shared a series on Holy Living based on principles found in the letter of 1st Peter. Here is the outline of those principles of Holy Living.

1. Holiness is the outworking of the Holy Spirit in us. 1:2

2. Holiness has already been given to us. 1:2

3. Holiness results in obedience, assurance of salvation and trust in adversity. 1:3-12

4. Holiness effects the way we think and act. 1:13-15

5. Holiness is a command. 1:16

6. Holiness declares that ‘I am not my own.’ 1:17-21

7. Holiness enables us to love sincerely. 1:22-25

8. Holiness is eroded by deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy and unkind speech. 2:1

9. Holiness produces a hunger for God. 2:2-3

10. Holiness identifies us as God’s chosen people. 2:4-12

11. Holiness shows itself in respect and submission to authority. 2:13-17

12. Holiness enables us to endure unfair treatment. 2:18-25

13. Holiness helps win people to Christ. 3:1-2

14. Holiness is a work from the inside out. 3:3-6

15. Holiness is the foundation of true equality. 3:7-12

16. Holiness enables us to worship through trial. 3:13-22

17. Holiness makes us an example to others. 3:13-4:6

18. Holiness assists our prayer life. 4:7

19. Holiness is seen in our hospitality and using our gifts to serve. 4:8-10

20. Holiness makes us partners with Christ. 4:11-19

21. Holiness is a Shepherd’s enabling to care. 5:1-2

22. Holiness is seen in leading by example. 5:3-4

23. Holiness helps us serve in humility. 5:5-7

24. Holiness alerts us to spiritual opposition. 5:8-9