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I believe in salvation through Christ alone

12 April Salvation through Christ - LEFT StageTV

In April, we have been looking at the theme of Salvation through Christ alone. In particularly I have been preaching on the excellence of Jesus. My premise has been simple: That if we understand the excellence of Jesus then we will see why salvation can be through no other name.

HEBREWS 1:1-6; 2:9-15; 4:14-16

In these passages of Hebrews, we see 10 reasons as to why salvation is through Christ alone:

  1. He is God
  2. He is omnipotent – all powerful
  3. He totally cleanses
  4. He is highly exalted
  5. He is superior to angels
  6. He is a completer
  7. He identifies with us
  8. He elevates us
  9. He delivers us from death
  10. He intercedes for us

On close examination we must all agree – He is the only way of salvation!