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The Need for Creed II

1 Feb Need for Creed

On the 8th Feb, we continued our theme by looking at the stand that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego made to not bow down to the King’s idol – Daniel 3. We talked about what happens when you make a stand for God:

  1. Faith rises up in you so that you carry the conviction that ‘God is able.’
  2. Your faith is tested, sometimes through the fire of injustice.
  3. His presence is so real and close that you can know Him more intimately then ever before.
  4. You will know the awesome power of God to save.
  5. Your conviction with the Spirit’s empowering will move the hearts of others to consider Jesus.

On 22nd Feb, I preached about the need for us to stand with ‘No Compromise’ priorities as a church. I listed the following 7 areas of ‘No Compromise.’ We will not compromise:

  1. on the triune nature of God.
  2. on the message of salvation through Christ alone.
  3. on the truth of the resurrection.
  4. on the Bible being the Word of God.
  5. on believing that the Holy Spirit has the power to transform lives.
  6. on prevailing prayer to move the heart of God.
  7. on our God-given mandate to reach our world with the spoken and demonstrated love of Jesus.