Our Distinctives

our distinctives



  • We see that family is important to God. Family is His idea and it is His desire that everyone has a sense of belonging. Psalm 68:6 says that ‘God sets the solitary in families...’

  • We believe that healthy marriages and families are the fabric that knits a strong and well balanced society together. Therefore we need to help and support marriages and families in a holistic way.

  • We seek to cater for the needs of all age groups, from babes to seniors.

  • We recognize that our city is one that struggles to connect because of a large transient population. Therefore we seek to provide a place where people can feel a sense of home – family.

  • We provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for people to interact in a family setting – Family luncheons once a month; church picnics; celebration services etc.


  • We are called to proclaim the truth of God’s Word (2 Timothy 2:15), teaching disciples to obey the Lord’s commands (Matthew 28:20)

  • We are warned that those who are not taught can be easily swayed by false doctrine – Ephesians 4:14

  • We believe not only in instructing the truth but modelling and mentoring the truth.

  • We aim to teach the truth of God’s Word in a balanced, relevant and contemporary manner.

  • We provide instruction through a Bible-based Children’s curriculum, sermons and messages, courses and seminars, and Small Group studies.

  • We try to provide a variety of resources to help people grow in their knowledge and understanding of Christ.


  • We believe that our worship is biblically based (Psalm 100:4). It is God glorifying and Jesus focused.

  • Our worship expression is vibrant and dynamic – often involving singing, shouting, clapping, dancing and the raising of hands. Our worship also involves times of quiet contemplation and times when the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will operate. All of these expressions are supported by Scripture.

  • Worship is seen in the way we live our lives. Eg. Helping someone practically with the motive to glorify God is an act of worship. Giving to the Lord our tithes and offerings with a heart of gratitude is an act of worship.

  • Our worship team leads the congregation with contemporary choruses chosen on the basis of five criteria – Adoration of God; the Redemptive work of Christ; the foundational Truth of Scripture; a Reflective heart of love for the Lord, or a Seasonal Theme that God is drawing to our attention.

  • We encourage everyone to participate in worship. As God is glorified, He moves by His Spirit in powerful ways.


  • We believe that mission according to Acts 1:8 includes our Jerusalem (Local); Judea (Regional and National); Samaria (the disenfranchised); and the utter most parts of the world (International).

  • We give a percentage of our tithes to mission on your behalf.

  • We give over and above these tithes according to what God lays on our heart.

  • We also give opportunities for the congregation to give towards special projects. These projects are put in front of the people three or four times a year.

  • We encourage people to go on a Missions Trip. These run bi-annually.

  • Our Missions focus is determined by the heart of the Senior Pastor and the interest of the partners, and is administered by a Missions Director and team


  • We want to be relevant. If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), then He is just as relevant now as He was 2000 years ago.

  • We recognize that many people coming through our doors may be unchurched so we try to use clear, understandable communication – no Christianese.

  • We share messages that relate to real life, carrying practical applications and challenges.

  • We embrace people from all walks of life.

  • We encourage everyone that they can live a life of victory, enabled by His grace and empowered by His Holy Spirit.

  • We try to be open, friendly and welcoming so that people can build strong, long-lasting relationships.