Our Training arm at Capital Edge offers a four staged, sequential journey:
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Solid Foundations

This course provides the foundations of our faith and love for the Lord. It includes topics such as Jesus is Lord; Identity in Christ; Prayer; the Power of the Word; and Living the Overcoming Life.


5 evenings - consecutive weeks

Church Partnership

This course is designed to take people on a journey of commitment from being a member of the community to being a partner and leader of the church. It includes practical topics such as the importance of Local Church; Our Vision and Distinctives; Our Doctrinal Beliefs; and Why Partner.


2 evenings - consecutive weeks

Daniel Academy

Through the book of Daniel, we follow a pathway of discipleship. We look at topics such as People of character and purity; Leaders and Teams; Hearing God’s Voice; and Facing the Tests.


10 evenings - once a month

Master Class

Paul mentored Timothy so that he could become a leader of leaders. In Master Class we look at Paul’s emphasis in his letters to Timothy – the Creed of Leadership; the Character and Call of Leadership; the Traps of Leadership; the Care of Leadership and the Endurance of Leadership.


10 evenings - once a month


Other short courses and seminars are also held throughout the year.