Our Vision

our vision


“Experience God’s Presence; Imitate Christ;

Impact our world.”


We believe that worship is a life style and at each service, we celebrate the goodness of God by honouring Him in praise and worship. We love to sing, clap, raise our hands – all active expressions of praise to our God. Our worship is one way of connecting with God and ushering in His presence. An encounter with God by His Spirit can literally transform a life.

Another way we experience His presence is to be devoted to Him through the study of His Word and prayer. We encourage all of our partners to develop an ongoing relationship with the Lord.


Our ultimate aim through life’s journey is to become more and more like Jesus. We represent Him wherever we go.

In order to imitate Jesus, we need to know Him.

Through practical and relevant preaching and teaching, we focus on who Jesus is and the change that He brings to a person’s life.


Not only do we want to experience God’s presence and become more like Jesus in our everyday walk...we want to make a difference in our world.

We are called to proclaim the gospel and to reach a lost world with practical Christian love. We believe that the local church is called to be profoundly influential in people’s lives.

Our mission field starts at our door – we are to reach out to family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, our community, city, region, territory, nation and world.