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Broken Things

3 and 5 April Easter Broken Things- LEFT StageTV

In April, we are looking at the theme: We believe in salvation through Christ alone. And what better way of looking at this theme with Easter. On Easter Friday I talked about Christ being able to identify with our brokenness because He was broken.

  • Broken Body – Mark 15:16-25
  • Broken Heart – John 19:31-34
  • Broken Promises – Mark 14:29-31;72 (Made to Him by His disciples)
  • Broken Dreams – Mark 15:40-42 (of His followers)

He understands our brokenness. On Easter Sunday we continued with this theme: On Friday He was broken; on Sunday He broke through!

  • Sin is BROKEN – Romans 6:4-14
  • Chains are BROKEN – Isaiah 9:2-7 (Bondages)
  • Walls are BROKEN – Ephesians 2:13-19 (Separation from God and united as His people)

The only barrier that exists between anyone and freedom in Christ is a decision – to accept or reject Him as Saviour.