I believe in the Holy Spirit

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In the month of May, we have been looking at the wonderful theme of the Holy Spirit. We looked at the word ‘Paraclete’ that Jesus used in introducing the Holy Spirit to His disciples. As we examine this name, we discover that its meaning carried great depth: He is the COUNSELLOR – The One who guides us in truth and wisdom He is the COMFORTER and CONSOLER – The One who nurtures and brings peace and comfort He is a COMPANION – The One who stands by our side and pleads our cause He is a COURAGE BUILDER – The One who strengthens us with His might He is the CONVINCER and CONVICTOR – The One who defends us He is a CHOSEN REPRESENTATIVE – The One who glorifies Jesus Christ CONTINUING IN THE HOLY SPIRIT At the end of May we looked at the importance of continuing on in the Spirit. We looked at 4 passages in the New Testament – the hindrances to continuing on and answers to continuing on in the Spirit: GAL 3:1-5 HINDRANCES: Human effort; truth out of balance and order; religious ritual and tradition; a misunderstanding of grace ANSWERS: Focusing on the centrality of the cross and the message of Jesus ROM 14:17-19 HINDRANCES : Allowing small things to cause disunity ANSWERS: Fellowship with and in the Spirit; serving Jesus; Upholding unity EPH 5:15-20 HINDRANCES: careless living ANSWERS: Thanksgiving; praise and worship 2 TIM 1:5-8 HINDRANCES: Fear and Timidity ANSWERS: Spirit of power, love and a sound...

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I believe in salvation through Christ alone

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In April, we have been looking at the theme of Salvation through Christ alone. In particularly I have been preaching on the excellence of Jesus. My premise has been simple: That if we understand the excellence of Jesus then we will see why salvation can be through no other name. HEBREWS 1:1-6; 2:9-15; 4:14-16 In these passages of Hebrews, we see 10 reasons as to why salvation is through Christ alone: He is God He is omnipotent – all powerful He totally cleanses He is highly exalted He is superior to angels He is a completer He identifies with us He elevates us He delivers us from death He intercedes for us On close examination we must all agree – He is the only way of...

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The Need for Creed II

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On the 8th Feb, we continued our theme by looking at the stand that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego made to not bow down to the King’s idol – Daniel 3. We talked about what happens when you make a stand for God: Faith rises up in you so that you carry the conviction that ‘God is able.’ Your faith is tested, sometimes through the fire of injustice. His presence is so real and close that you can know Him more intimately then ever before. You will know the awesome power of God to save. Your conviction with the Spirit’s empowering will move the hearts of others to consider Jesus. On 22nd Feb, I preached about the need for us to stand with ‘No Compromise’ priorities as a church. I listed the following 7 areas of ‘No Compromise.’ We will not compromise: on the triune nature of God. on the message of salvation through Christ alone. on the truth of the resurrection. on the Bible being the Word of God. on believing that the Holy Spirit has the power to transform lives. on prevailing prayer to move the heart of God. on our God-given mandate to reach our world with the spoken and demonstrated love of...

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We believe in Holy Living

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Pastor Jon recently shared a series on Holy Living based on principles found in the letter of 1st Peter. Here is the outline of those principles of Holy Living. 1. Holiness is the outworking of the Holy Spirit in us. 1:2 2. Holiness has already been given to us. 1:2 3. Holiness results in obedience, assurance of salvation and trust in adversity. 1:3-12 4. Holiness effects the way we think and act. 1:13-15 5. Holiness is a command. 1:16 6. Holiness declares that ‘I am not my own.’ 1:17-21 7. Holiness enables us to love sincerely. 1:22-25 8. Holiness is eroded by deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy and unkind speech. 2:1 9. Holiness produces a hunger for God. 2:2-3 10. Holiness identifies us as God’s chosen people. 2:4-12 11. Holiness shows itself in respect and submission to authority. 2:13-17 12. Holiness enables us to endure unfair treatment. 2:18-25 13. Holiness helps win people to Christ. 3:1-2 14. Holiness is a work from the inside out. 3:3-6 15. Holiness is the foundation of true equality. 3:7-12 16. Holiness enables us to worship through trial. 3:13-22 17. Holiness makes us an example to others. 3:13-4:6 18. Holiness assists our prayer life. 4:7 19. Holiness is seen in our hospitality and using our gifts to serve. 4:8-10 20. Holiness makes us partners with Christ. 4:11-19 21. Holiness is a Shepherd’s enabling to care. 5:1-2 22. Holiness is seen in leading by example. 5:3-4 23. Holiness helps us serve in humility. 5:5-7 24. Holiness alerts us to spiritual opposition....

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This prophecy was given to Capital Edge Church at the end of May 2015 and read out by Ps. Jon on Sunday 7th June. Here it is for those who have asked. An unprecedented time of God’s favour is going to come upon the Church/God’s people in this season. This is like the time the people of God held as captives in Babylon returned to Jerusalem by the hand of God, by the favour of God to be re-planted in their own land in order to enjoy the abundant peace, security and prosperity of God had pre-determined. It is the season for the end-time Church having long been in a state of ‘captivity’, now being empowered by the Spirit of God, by the ‘dunamis’ power of God, to take back, and to re-possess their inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ; to re-inhabit and to enjoy the favour and the abundant blessing of God like never before; to re-take, to repair, to restore and to re-build what the enemy had for a long time ravaged, ransacked, ridiculed and raided – the very lives, the health, the wealth, the well-being, the peace, the joy, the love and the fellowship of family, marriage and the community at large. It is the time the grace of God is going to be poured upon God’s people, so much so that the response of Church would be to shout in awe and amazement saying “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes”. They will be shouting and proclaiming “This is Grace, Grace and more Grace” as the Lord Jesus is glorified in the midst of His...

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Broken Things

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In April, we are looking at the theme: We believe in salvation through Christ alone. And what better way of looking at this theme with Easter. On Easter Friday I talked about Christ being able to identify with our brokenness because He was broken. Broken Body – Mark 15:16-25 Broken Heart – John 19:31-34 Broken Promises – Mark 14:29-31;72 (Made to Him by His disciples) Broken Dreams – Mark 15:40-42 (of His followers) He understands our brokenness. On Easter Sunday we continued with this theme: On Friday He was broken; on Sunday He broke through! Sin is BROKEN – Romans 6:4-14 Chains are BROKEN – Isaiah 9:2-7 (Bondages) Walls are BROKEN – Ephesians 2:13-19 (Separation from God and united as His people) The only barrier that exists between anyone and freedom in Christ is a decision – to accept or reject Him as...

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